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TB20 ToolBox


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Smart planning and configuration

TB20 ToolBox makes it easy to methodically design TB20 systems. From selecting and positioning components and configuring their parameters to printing label strips and documentation for projects, every single step is combined into one single intuitive software package. Integrated terminal mapping, system width calculations, and current-carrying capacity monitoring all make it possible to quickly design systems without making any mistakes. 
Existing TB20 I/O system configurations can be imported directly as a project in order to further configure their parameters or print label strips. In addition, TB20 ToolBox can be used to configure all the parameters in a TB20 system and store them in the coupler’s non-volatile memory when working with bus systems that require the coupler to be configured directly. In fact, the software’s configuration and diagnostic functionalities will work hand in hand during the entire process. 

What we offer: real-time diagnosis

TB20 ToolBox is a practical setup and servicing tool used to import configurations, display a system’s current status, and analyze parameter configuration and setup errors. An I/O map, the current parameter configuration, and diagnostic messages can all be displayed in real-time. In addition, the tool shows the electronic nameplate for each module, ensuring that every single one can be reliably identified and serviced. 
A firmware update function makes it possible to keep all devices up to date and add new functions to them.
TB20 ToolBox uses the USB service port that is integrated into all couplers, or TCP/IP (still in development as of this writing), in order to communicate.
The TB20 ToolBox runs on Windows* 7, 8.

Importing/exporting symbols

TB20 ToolBox can be used to define the following for each channel in the configuration: labeling of the strip label, a symbol description, and a PLC address. This information can be imported or exported in a variety of formats, making it possible to efficiently use TB20 ToolBox as a configuration tool together with electrical engineering software (e.g., EPLAN and WSCAD) on one hand and with PLC programming software on the other.

Simulation (I/O check)

The option of setting up TB20 I/O systems without a higher-level controller by directly reading and writing to inputs and outputs and configuring parameters for functionality testing purposes makes it easier to check the system’s wiring and entire design. 
This way, you can rest assured knowing that your TB20 I/O system is ideally configured and ready for use before your machine is delivered.


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