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EIB 300, communication module for twisted-pair EIB/KNX

The EIB 300 is a serial communication module for use in S7-300* systems.

Kod produktu: 700-820-EIB01


It enables the connection of an EIB/KNX bus to the PLC, with the bus being placed directly on the module.
Through the possibilities of PLC programming, complex control and monitoring functions can be easily implemented on the EIB/KNX bus.
In “object mode,” the EIB 300 is an active participant on the EIB/KNX bus with up to 240 objects, with all object types from 1 bit to 4-byte data size being supported.
The current object values in the PLC are mapped in a data block and exchanged with each PLC cycle. In this way the changes on the EIB side are transferred to the PLC, and values changed in the PLC are transferred to the EIB/KNX bus. In addition, “event” and “control flags” allow influence to be taken on the communication behavior in a targeted manner.
The configuration of the EIB 300 is in the PLC as a CP module.
The handling blocks included in the scope of delivery enable easy integration of the EIB 300 into the PLC program. The EIB 300 is integrated as a new device in the ETS software with a supplied sample project. In object mode, objects organized in various profiles can be configured and adapted to the respective application.
Six colored LEDs indicate the current operating status of the EIB 300 and the EIB/KNX bus. The built-in USB interface is provided for firmware updates and more in-depth diagnosis.


• Access to the EIB/KNX bus directly from the PLC
• Implementation of complex control and monitoring functions through PLC programming
• Configurable object operation with up to 240 objects
• Easy integration and handling
• ETS**3 and ETS**4 are supported

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EIB 300, communication module, for twisted-pair EIB/KNX 700-820-EIB01
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